Vantage top suction range hood i11005 T-type automatic …

How about Vantage Top Range Hood, most of you are decorating the house for the first time, so when buying a range hood, it is quite dazed. Today we introduce to you Vantage Top Range Hood, this product is very suitable for European Stylish large kitchen. And Vantage i11005 this top smoking ----more

Two ventilation methods for heat aging test chamber

There are two ways to ventilate the heat aging test chamber. The user can choose one of two methods to expose the heat aging test chamber at the time of purchase. Based on these two methods, the results should not be confused with each other. Method A: Gravity convection heat aging test chamber - ----more

AIA integrated ceiling is expensive

AIA Integrated Ceiling Company joined the production of integrated ceiling in 2003 and has more than ten years of production history and production experience. How about AIA integrated ceiling? Is AIA integrated ceiling expensive? This article is about the price of AIA integrated ceiling. ----more

Buying mahogany furniture requires attention to the hid…

A Beijing-based consumer bought a set of rosewood-colored study furniture from the south. After a few months, he found that the crack was serious. Fortunately, the manufacturer sent people to repair it in time to make him free from annoyance. So why is the new furniture so cracked? ----more

What is a European range hood

Speaking of range hoods, everyone may be familiar with it. Have you heard about European-style range hoods? What is a European range hood? Is it true that all European range hoods are just different in appearance, but they are not. Although the European-style range hood was first introduced ----more

The latest salt spray test chamber GBT10125-2012 standa…

7 sample placement 7.1 The sample shall not be placed in a position where the salt spray is directly sprayed. 7.2 The placement angle of the sample surface in the salt spray test chamber is very important. The sample should in principle be laid flat. In the salt spray test chamber, the surface t ----more

High-temperature plastic bottle packaging should increa…

For the high temperature resistance of plastic bottles, the material is mainly PP, and the high-temperature-resistant beverage plastic bottle can already reach 100 degrees or more. However, the cost of high-temperature resistant plastic bottles is higher than that of ordinary plastic bottles. Ther ----more