Plastic bottle manufacturers to deal with bottle-level …

Bottle-level slicing is familiar to PET bottle manufacturers. In addition to purchasing large blow-molding equipment and buying blow molds, it can be said that bottle-level slicing is an important cost component for manufacturers. Bottle-level slicing currently consists of several well-known large ----more

Investigation and Analysis of the Development Trend of …

Investigation and Analysis of the Development Trend of Beijing Furniture Stores in 2012 On June 1, when Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Zengwei inspected the old furniture recycling and processing center, he asked the actual home to write the report on the recycling experience of the old furniture ----more

Xylitol bottle market is becoming saturated

Sugar-free or low-sugar foods have become more popular among citizens in recent years. The emergence of xylitol precisely meets the needs of this market. Xylitol products have gradually become hot in recent years and become a new force in the health care product market. For xylitol bottles, teari ----more

Macaroni multicolored necklace handmade

Dyeing macaroni with food coloring Take a plastic bag with macaroni, a little water, a little pigment Then shake the plastic bag Finally take it out, flatten it, dry it Finally, it’s OK to wear it with a rope. Is it very beautiful? 1)Unique traditional ----more

Rabbit head (headgear)

Click on the image to see a larger image. Bunny child's head, can cut along the dotted line put in each class to role play area nursery oh. It can also make children paint more beautiful! Exercise BikeWorkout Bike,Upright Exercise Bike,Cross Trainer Bike,Best Ex ----more

Eyebrows make your makeup shine

If you repeat two black eyebrows in a year, it will be a lot less fun and glory, not to mention that the black eyebrows are not suitable for everyone. It needs to be customized according to your skin color and hair color. Make the whole makeup shine. Look at this season's T stage, you have alre ----more

Formaldehyde exceeds the standard for environmentally f…

Furniture and building materials are becoming one of the most concerned issues in home decoration because of the “ formaldehyde content exceeding the standard ”. The industry believes that another main reason for the excessive prohibition of formaldehyde in the industry is that the exis ----more