How to use MDF anti-fungal agent

A brief description of the use of MDF fungicides is now available: (1) Scope of application: MDF anti-mold agent is a low-toxic, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency suspending agent. Good compatibility with aldehyde resin (requires pH < 7.5). Therefore, MDF anti-fungal agent is ----more

Steel drum æ°¦ mass spectrometer leak detection

Steel drum æ°¦ mass spectrometer leak detection The good or bad airtightness of the steel drum directly affects its performance and safety, especially for steel drums containing special substances (such as polluting substances or toxic substances). The blister leak detection method is an old ----more

Olive wood bleaching modification process

Since 1997, a flooring factory in Liuzhou has achieved good economic benefits from the production of wood flooring with olive wood. However, the nature of the tree species that is easily discolored when the moisture content is high has not received enough attention. The phenome ----more

New Edition--Iran's Map and Iran's Profile

[Name] The Islamic Republic of Iran (The Islamic Republic of Iran) [area] 1.645 million square kilometers (Iranian statistics center number in 2005) [population] 67.476 million (2005 figures from the Iranian statistics center). Among them, the urban population is 44.571 million, accounting for 6 ----more

There is a huge space for the development of aluminum c…

According to industry experts, by the end of 2008, the world aluminum cans market competition pattern will change, and China may become one of the six largest can material producers in the world. At present, there are eight countries in the world that can produce aluminum alloy cans: the United S ----more

Spot color prepress

With the development of printing technology, four-color printing has not met the requirements of fine products for color in some aspects, and the application of multi-color printing is gradually becoming widespread. In our familiar desktop platemaking technology (CTF) process, multi-color printing ----more

Wine image packaging design works

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