Soft track construction methods and color types for pla…

How to construct the soft runway in practice? Track and field activities and training, sometimes need to run on special soft runways, such as striding, double jump, etc., sometimes, after injury, athletes do light action, also need to practice on the soft track. The soft runway is located ----more

[Overseas events] WINGS FOR LIFE WORLD RUN May 3 global…

For outdoor enthusiasts who love running, marathon and endurance are believed to be indispensable, but is it boring to run your interest? In addition to running itself, what else is attracting you to cross-country events? WINGS FOR LIFE WORLD RUN will run on May 3 for 15 years. This epic runni ----more

2-amino-4-phenyl technical parameters

English name: DL-Homophenylalanine; (±)-2-Amino-4-phenylbutyric acid Other names: 2-amino-4-phenyl CAS number: 1012-05-1C10H13NO2=179.22 Grade: BR content: ≥98.0% traits: White powder. Melting point ≥ 282 ° C. Uses: biochemical research. Save: RTBitumen PVC Tape 1.Name:Pipe PVCw ----more

Kindergarten March 8 handmade hand-shaped lily

Kindergarten March 8 handmade hand-shaped lily Handmade materials: cardboard, colored paper, hair roots , scissors, pencils Tattoo Thermal Copier & Cleaner Tattoo Thermal copier is a copier machine to transfer tattoo design on the copier paper and then transfer the ----more

Waterproof test box application and restrictions

The waterproof test chamber is suitable for evaluating equipment that may be exposed to rain, water spray or dripping during storage, transportation/work: a) If the equipment is installed in the same state, a more severe impregnation (leakage) test is usually considered to determine if water can ----more

The solid wood wardrobe is durable and good in quality.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the emphasis on the quality of home decoration, more and more families use solid wood wardrobes . The solid wood wardrobe is not only of good quality, durable, but also has a strong decorative effect on the interior. However, in order to make the soli ----more

Three wardrobe storage design case small changes bring …

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In fact, the storage plan of a family is well organized and can be seen at a glance through the wardrobe . The biggest function of the wardrobe is to store clothes and save space. Secondly, the wardrobe can also be regarded as a home "decoration" ----more