Beautiful wedding enchanting style

Whether or not a variety of Korean wedding dresses reminds you of the romantic and romantic scene in a romantic Korean drama. In the moment of putting on these wedding dresses, I imagine that I will become a beautiful princess in a fairy tale, waiting for someone who loves to come and pick you up. ----more

Copper plate etching technology (in)

5. Network repair Prior to the repair of the outlets, first use a thin ferric chloride solution to clean the plated residue and use a cleaning solution to treat the layout. The general method of network repair is to use lacquer or transfer ink (anti-acid ink) to fill incomplete mesh points in the ----more

The Creation of AutoCAD New Material and Its Applicatio…

(5) Transparency The Transparency item is used to set the transparency of the material. The greater the value, the higher the transparency. When the value is 1, the object will disappear after being rendered due to complete transparency. Under this item, you can also set partial transparency effe ----more

Ullman BEC500 is available

Companies that are looking to have the most flexible and high-volume production lines now find a perfect solution. Ullmann Pac-Systeme, Germany, has introduced its new Blister Express Center 500 (BEC500), a unique blistering line that can reach speeds of up to 500 per minute. It is the fastest sin ----more

Pneumatic components bid farewell to the traditional wo…

Jinan Huaneng Pneumatic Components Company (formerly Jinan Pneumatic Component Factory) is a large-scale high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research and development, production and processing, sales and sales, technical services, import and export trade, and personnel training. It is the ----more

Multi-page manuals

Different from the traditional single-page trademarks and manuals, the “Hui Ke Duo” drug product manual produced by Taiwan Minju Enterprise Co., Ltd. adopts a multi-page stereoscopic design, combining traditional labels and drug manuals into one. The limited medicine tank space has bee ----more

Photoshop: Introduction to Creative Design Techniques

1. Direct display method This is the most common use of a very wide range of expressions. It displays a product or theme directly and faithfully on the advertising board, making full use of the realism of photography or painting. Carefully sculpting and focusing on rendering the product's tex ----more