Where is the 2012 classical furniture?

The Chinese classical furniture market is suddenly changing! At present, the industry seems to have reached a certain consensus: the redwood market entered a dormant period in the last quarter after experiencing a wave of high tide last year. Some experts predict that this "dormant" may a ----more

2012 work is wonderful, make you crazy office space

Page 1: 2012 work is very wonderful to make your office space Page 2: 2012 work is very wonderful to make your office space Believe it or not, work can be a wonderful thing. If you enter an advertising company like the Great Wall of Bangkok, I think you will be obsessed with work. The new office ----more

American standard Yang Jun: style, because of you

[Reporter] We are interviewing Mr. Yang Jun, Marketing Director of American Standard China. Hello, Mr. Yang. I am very happy to talk to you at the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show today. [Yang Jun] I am very glad to meet you. [Reporter] Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show is the largest and most represe ----more

Low-end furniture out of the city

Page 1: Low-end furniture out of the city Page 2: Low-end furniture out of the city Going to the winter and spring, there are a lot of promotional promotions in the major home stores in the city center. However, you can notice that in addition to those eager to deal with the model products or the ----more

Zhongyu Cai Jilin: Open the international market

Asia's most leading kitchen and bathroom exhibition - China International Kitchen & Bathroom Facilities Exhibition will be held in Pudong, Shanghai, to gather the attention of famous enterprises at home and abroad to create an industry power. Since 1999, the Shanghai Kitchen and Bath Show h ----more

A network of hydrating masks that continue to be popula…

The mask has always been a magical product that will fill our skin and heart with a full, energetic moment in our skin when we are injured or when we are just feeling exhausted. Every time you apply a mask, it is the best time for us to get along with ourselves. So, in the winter, which one is your ----more

Talking about the purchase and maintenance of rattan so…

one. Rattan sofa purchase knowledge and precautions 1. In addition to hand-crafted fine craftsmanship and novel and beautiful appearance, the main thing is to check whether the rattan material is excellent. If the surface of the rattan material is wrinkled, the furniture is made of young rattan, w ----more