Seedling area development

The advantages of planting flowers in China are manifested in germplasm resources, climate resources, labor resources, market advantages, and flower culture advantages. During the 10th Five-Year Plan period, the area planted with flowers in China has reached 640,000 hectares, ----more

Collecting and selling simulation toy guns both parties…

Jin Xiaobing, reporter of the newspaper, Shi Jie Case review In some children's toy markets, the production of beautiful simulation toy guns often attracts children to stop. However, many parents and stall owners do not know that buying and selling such simulated toy guns may also violate the ----more

6 modern design wooden doors perfect your simple style …

Recommended product one: Jian Ai style series OP-014 solid wood composite door Brand: Oupai Reference price: 1080 yuan Editor's comment: This solid wood composite door is a paint-free door, which uses natural dried fir door core and imported high-density board as the main materials t ----more

Plasticine windmill handmade

Outdoor FurnitureKuka Sofa,Wooden Lounge Chair,Rattan Basket,Rattan Hanging BedApache Industry Ltd. , ----more

Mahogany furniture craft - "splicing"

"Splicing" is the terminology of northern artisans. The southern craftsmen call it "paddle", which is also a construction method using 榫卯 joints. Most of the small pieces of wood are used, and the splicing constitutes a variety of geometric patterns. T ----more

Bathroom tile selection can't rely on "love at…

Bathroom decoration has always been the focus of attention during the home improvement process. There are many precautions in the bathroom decoration. The choice of bathroom tile color is very important. Choosing the right bathroom tile color matching can make the whole bathroom have a special effe ----more

The furniture industry's highest claim case, Lai…

On the 13th, the prelude of the highest claims series in the domestic furniture industry was kicked off in the Second Intermediate People's Court of Beijing. The first accused furniture company was “Jinan Oak Furniture Co., Ltd.” (formerly “Lai's Furniture”). It is u ----more