Shanghai simple packaging drug range expands drug autom…

[ppzhan Abstract] With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of health awareness, this provides an opportunity for the development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Under the influence of green development trend, pharmaceutical packaging is developing in the d ----more

Winter fitness benefits

Participating in physical fitness activities in winter can not only exercise the body, enhance physical fitness, but also exercise the strong will not to be afraid of cold, improve the body's ability to resist cold and prevent various diseases. The proverb of "Winte ----more

HG / T2833-1997 Industrial zinc dihydrogen phosphate

This standard specifies the technical requirements and test methods of zinc dihydrogen phosphate. The test methods include the determination of zinc content, the determination of phosphoric acid and phosphate, the determination of free acid, sulfate and some heavy metals. The determination of phosph ----more

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. teaches you how…

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. has developed the LNB brand solid phase extraction device, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. The solid phase extraction device uses a solid adsorbent to adsorb the target compound in the liquid sample, separate it from ----more


1771-CX25 For details, please visit my store home page Contact: Zheng Gong - 0196 Contact QQ Main: world famous brand PLC, DCS system spare parts module 〖1〗 Allen-Bradley (USA AB) series products》 〖2.〗 Schneider (Schneider Electric Series ----more

Self-driving essential equipment - TCL SVC200 Self-driv…

I operate two auto repair shops and often deal with cars. I also like to drive by myself and bring my family around to play. Going out to play naturally wants to record the scenery along the way and the family to enjoy their family happiness. After having started some cheap driving recorders, they ----more

Aspergillus fumigatus and its microbiological examinati…

Aspergillus fumigatus is widely distributed in nature, and its spores can often be isolated on the ground of poultry houses, bedding, utensils and air. Spores have strong resistance to external physical and chemical factors. They can be killed after boiling for 5 minutes; the general disinfectant ----more