Detailed Prepress Operation - Separation Work Chapter V…

Six, color letterpress color separation operation Color letterpress is a common method used for decoration and printing. The change of the screen level and color is relatively simple. The printing paper and ink are the same as those of plain printing. However, the dot expansion and layer changes ----more

Several Outdoor Equipment Brands Introduce 4--Lafuma Le…

Name: lafuma Le Feiye Origin: France Website: http:// Introduction: The Lafuma Group was established in France in 1930 and is a famous French brand. It is also well known in the European market. Its main products include all kinds of clothing, travel bags, outdoor shoes, tents and all kinds of c ----more

Domestic spherical lollipop packaging machine comes out

The BBJ-I spherical sugar packaging machine independently researched and developed by Rugao Food Machinery Factory was inspected by the National Machinery Industry Food Machinery Product Quality Testing Center. The machine has reached the corresponding standard requirements, and has passed the inv ----more

Three-layer corrugated cardboard tray

A new tray made of corrugated cardboard of standard construction, like a garment design, meets the consumer's special requirements for size, weight and shipping conditions. It includes rung spacing, top and bottom thickness variations, and coating applications. At present, due to environmental ----more

Ink factory color accuracy

Ink factory adjusted color, when used in the printing plant, often with the standard color error, which is a problem that is difficult to completely avoid, can only minimize the color difference, what is the cause of this problem, and how to control , How to improve the accuracy of the ink factory ----more

UK launches new plastic food packaging

In order to solve the problem that plastic packaging is likely to cause oxygen infiltration and cause the loss of flavor and color after storage for a period of time, some packaging companies use multilayer extrusion technology or pack oxygen scavenger in food packaging, but both methods exist. Di ----more