Three-layer corrugated cardboard tray

A new tray made of corrugated cardboard of standard construction, like a garment design, meets the consumer's special requirements for size, weight and shipping conditions. It includes rung spacing, top and bottom thickness variations, and coating applications. At present, due to environmental reasons, export and domestic transportation do not use wooden pallets as much as possible, so the demand for corrugated cardboard pallets has rapidly increased.

Corrugated cardboard pallets have a profound impact on reducing transportation costs. A standard wooden pallet weighs about 27 kg while the paper tray weighs only about 4.7 kg. Therefore, the standard paper tray allows manufacturers to load more than 850 kg per truck. Lightweight corrugated paperboard pallets are easier to lift and carry than 27kg wooden pallets, reducing the labor intensity of workers. In addition, the paper tray has no splinters of trees, no fixed nails and rough edges, and will not harm the carrier.

Corrugated cardboard trays Food manufacturers prefer to choose because they do not have slivers of trees or toxic chemicals left on the wooden trays. Corrugated cardboard trays can be recycled and handled easily.

Like all three-layer corrugated paperboards, pallets are made of Type A corrugated, with appropriate strength and weight ratios. The three-layer corrugated cardboard tray is generally the same strength as the wooden tray, and weighs only 20% of the wooden tray.

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