Correction and Prevention of Model Confusion in Carton Production and Storage

Due to the needs of the market, the carton factory has a wide variety of models and models. There are dozens of different specifications or models for a product that are common. Moreover, there are often cases where the same size and the same printing color appear in several different models, which causes difficulties for the carton factory in terms of production management. Because any negligence in the production process will cause the product model to be confused and mixed. As a result, the product sent to the customer is confused with other types of products, which may cause serious consequences.

Serious product confusion

The confusion in the carton model supplied by the carton company is a problem for the carton customers. The consequence is that the packaged carton and the packaged product are not in conformity, and they are sent to consumers or sellers to cause complaints and claims against the product manufacturer, and even some drugs or foods. Packaging errors will directly harm the health of consumers. Therefore, once the carton factory encounters such problems, it will generally be dealt with as a major accident occurring to the carton supplier, and adopts a series of measures: the quality department and the procurement department personnel shall go to the carton factory to review the effectiveness of the quality management system and instruct the cartons to Immediately put forward corrective and preventive measures; secondly, it thoroughly inspects the packaged products, and even traces the products sent to warehouses and sellers; and the third will submit economic claims to the carton manufacturer.

Cause confusion and mixing of product models

Lack of experience in customer product design

Customer product packaging designers often pay attention to the functionality, economy, and aesthetics of the package. They pay less attention to the craftsmanship of the package. They don't consider the same size and color in the product design, which can easily lead to the production of the package. Confusion in the storage process; no obvious identification marks are used in the design of the packaging box, which may easily cause difficulties for the cartons supplier in the process of production, storage and transportation, and result in mis-installation and mis-assembly of the products in the packaging process.

Carton factory did not take effective prevention and control measures during the production of various processes

When managers of carton factories did not encounter strong complaints and complaints from customers, they often did not pay enough attention to product model confusion, and determined to take effective measures to prevent and require management personnel to devote their energy and time to analyze the status quo. Study the problems and follow-up measures.

There are a lot of shortages in the warehouse of the carton factory; the capabilities and level of the management personnel are limited; the manpower is insufficient at the time of delivery; the warehouse is shipped at night due to customer requirements. Inadequate lighting and other practical issues. If the above situation goes out of control, the model confusion and mistakes of the shipped products will occur.

Advice on Preventing Customers from Carton Design

For the same size, different types of cartons are recommended to use different printing colors;
Cartons of the same size and the same type of printing color are printed with a clear identification mark on the swing cover;
The identification marks are printed on the middle of the front side of different types of paper strips of the same size and the same printing color, which is convenient for the workers to see at a glance when the carton is produced, stored and transported, and used when the carton is used, effectively preventing the models from being mixed and misplaced.

Precautions to be taken in the carton production process

The product identification must be filled in carefully during the production process. The product name and model must be written correctly and correctly. Preventing operators from creating errors in writing identification errors;

After the production of one model is completed, it is necessary to seriously clear the field and then put in new model products. Clearing site content: Put qualified semi-finished products or finished products produced in this process into the finished product and semi-finished product storage areas; identify the quantities of the non-conforming products in the production process, fill in the non-conforming product statistics table, and clean them out of the production site. Or store the mark in the unqualified product area; clean up the printed rework product resulting from the production of this process from the production site and store it in the special repair product area;

Simple and practical preventive measures are taken during the production process of each process: During the process of printing, rolling, etc., the top cardboard is tied with a packing tape to prevent other types of sporadic cardboard from entering, and the carton factory's technical department, quality inspection department, and market Department staff or visitors for some purposes at the production site to pick up the semi-finished carton on the free to watch and put back, it is easy to inadvertently put the cardboard in the wrong position, causing the confusion of the model is wrong, the top is tight and easy to tighten. Practical preventive measures;

Replacing the repair product after it has been repaired is an important cause of confusion in the model. It is a common practice for carton factories to use artificial refinishing because there are a few products with printing defects in the printing process. The repaired product must be verified to meet the eligibility criteria before it can be used as a qualified product. Before re-applying the qualified product, the repaired product must be strictly confirmed that its model and specifications are in compliance with each other. Strictly prohibiting arbitrary random placement is an important link to prevent confusion of models.

Warehouse storage, shipping process precautions

Storage cartons must be stored according to various models and specifications. Different types of cartons should not be stacked together. Due to the limited space in the warehouse, isolation measures must be taken between different types of products.

When the cartons are shipped, in order to make full use of the transportation efficiency, multiple models are often mixed, and the models are often misplaced during unloading. This is a problem often encountered by many cartons. For the prevention of such accidents, in addition to the explicit requirements of the leaders of the Ministry of Storage and Transportation regarding the stevedores, they must implement the isolation measures and carry out the model confirmation work after loading and unloading. It is not uncommon for cartons to be confused at the cartons factory after the stevedores have hurriedly unloaded the goods.

Quality Management Department Should Include Product Confusion in Important Quality Management Objectives

Carton plant quality management objectives set by quality management departments tend to focus on product inspection pass rate, return rate, customer complaint rate, quality accident economic losses and so on. The assessment targets that seldom contaminate the product as a quality target separately perform performance assessment on quality management departments, production departments, storage and transportation departments, and implement economic incentives and penalties for department managers. Only after the carton confusion has occurred and the serious consequences have resulted in determination to rectify and govern, but the cost is too great. It is recommended that the carton factory include this item in the quality assessment target for long-term management and assessment.

Indeed, product confusion is a common problem for paper companies. Each company has different effective management measures and methods. The above is only the author's experience and hopes to help colleagues in the actual production process.

Source: Global corrugated box industry

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