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Refrigerator drawing (home appliances) e
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Custom Wine Paper Box


Wine paper boxes are only designed for packing wine , whisky , brandy , beer or ect --So far , we`ve made a lot of wine boxes for our current clients , such as collapsible wine boxes , magnetic book wine boxes , round tube wine boxes and etc . To prevent wine bottles from breaking , it necessary to equip with some protective material such as EVA / sponge/PS inlay to surround the bottles . Generally speaking , EVA inlay is the most expensive while PS inlay is the cheapest one.


Attached you will find some wine boxes we`ve made before for your reference . 


Should any of them be of interest to you , please feel free to contact us for a quotation .  It`s also welcome to share with us if you have any new idea on wine packaging , we `d love to help to carry out your ideas into perfect gift boxes .

Custom Wine Paper Box

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