A small trick to prevent lipstick from getting off makeup

The hot summer is coming, the hot weather is easier to remove makeup , the lips will become dull, and the face will be very pale. So we should prevent this from happening? Here are some tips for you, so that you always have an enviable tempting lip color.

First, we can use a lip balm or a colorless lip balm to not only keep the lips moist, but also apply them to the lips to form an invisible protective film to prevent lipstick from getting off the makeup.

Apply lip balm to the lip line, first apply a thin layer of loose powder on the lips, then use a colorless or light-colored lip liner to draw the lip line, then apply the lipstick to this range, so that the lipstick is It doesn't spill over the lips, causing awkwardness in the makeup.

If you don't usually have the effect of lip line, then we can take some powder on the lips, then apply lipstick, then pry open. Repeat the above process once, but you won't have to open it again the second time. Or after first opening it, gently cover it with oil-absorbing paper or tissue paper, stick the lipstick floating on the surface, and then apply it again, which can effectively avoid lipstick makeup.

Exfoliation is the most effective way to prevent lipstick makeup and lip peeling. Generally, we can use facial scrub or brown sugar + olive oil to make pure natural scrub, so that the lips can always maintain the softest state.

The lips should also be finished with a makeup, which will give the lips a smooth surface and make the lipsticks lasting, full and bright.

If after taking these precautions, there is still a situation of makeup removal, then check your lipstick to see if the formula is too old or of poor quality. Look for other products to see if the same situation will occur. . Cosmetics, the most important thing is for you, so don't be embarrassed when you lose.

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