What is the lotion?

After washing your face with a towel to wipe off the moisture, use a soft lotion such as shrinking water or toner to prepare for the absorption of nutrients. It has the effect of conditioning the skin and supplying moisture to the stratum corneum. Shrinking water not only acts to converge, but also supplies moisture to the skin. It also has the function of regulating excessive sebum function and controlling oil. It is a must-have skin care product in summer.


What kind of lotion is good: If the bottle of toner and astringent water is non-transparent, never buy it. Because it can't be identified, unless you use it, it's another matter. The lotion is shaken first, don't take care of any lady image... After watching it, watch the bubble:

1. If the bubble is delicate and rich, there is a thick layer, and it will last for a long time, it is good water.

2. If there are few bubbles, it means less nutrients.

3. If the bubble is large but large, it means that it contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid cleansing effect is better, but the irritation is bigger. JM, which is allergic to salicylic acid or sensitive to skin, should not be used.

4. If you shake out a lot of very thin bubbles but quickly disappear, it means that it contains alcohol. This type of toner can occasionally be used to prevent inflammation, but it should not be used for a long time, and it is easy to damage the protective film of the skin.

1, firming water: (also known as shrinking water, astringent water, toner.) Generally PH value is weakly acidic, with a transparent appearance, alcohol, menthol (mainly L-menthol) brings a sense of coolness, while moisture, Alcohol causes a temporary decrease in the temperature of the skin during evaporation, which causes the pores to shrink. It has the effect of cleaning, shrinking pores and inhibiting oil. It is very suitable for oily, mixed, and acne-prone skin. DONNA CHANG Kun Shangli Rose Softening Balancing Whitening Moisturizing Gentle Firming Moisturizing Toner does not add sprinkle ingredients, no damage to the skin.

2, toner: to soften the keratin, so that the skin is soft, tender and characteristic, the general pH value is weakly alkaline. It helps the skin to accelerate the removal of aging cells, making the skin more refreshing, and is more suitable for oily and mixed skin with dull skin tone. Usually, the acne-type lotion also contains salicylic acid in the same composition as it can help the keratinous flaking, and has certain sterilization and acne action. However, some people are allergic to salicylic acid, so look at the ingredient list when purchasing.

The lotion needs to be used every day. The basic maintenance of the skin is generally divided into three categories: clean, active and moisturizing. Cleaning is like bathing. The skin needs to be cleaned of dirt. The activity is like human body movement. The skin needs to give skin activity through beauty liquid. The moisturizing is like the body needs to take vegetable meat to supplement nutrition every day. The lotion is on the skin. Moisturizing is indispensable.

Our skin types can be said to be diverse. Ordinary dry skin is mainly dry due to lack of moisture and oil, and the lotion makes up for the lack of water, which can make the skin moisturize in an instant, and then use oily After the substance, a film is formed on the surface of the skin to lock in moisture. In the 1980s, you might have used more creams, especially in winter, thinking that the skin is dry. In fact, what do you feel after using it? The surface of the skin is sticky and greasy, and there is still a lack of moisture in the inside. The dry condition has not changed at all. The reason for oily skin is because the oil is secreted more, the amount of water is less, and the water and oil components lose balance. Therefore, after using the lotion to make the skin moisture content reach a certain ratio, the oil score is lowered, and the water-oil balance is achieved.

Need to be reminded here, many people think that alcohol in the lotion will irritate the skin, in fact, it should be said that it is harmless to healthy skin, like astringent water contains appropriate amount of alcohol (for cosmetics) with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, cooling effect It is also suitable for oily skin and skin that is prone to acne. In addition, when choosing a brand, you can choose high security and excellent quality.

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