Ultra-moisturizing summer mask

Summer is coming, and the skin is also troubled! Want to make your skin better "season"? Then use some effective moisturizing mask to cool the skin, solve the annoying problems such as lack of water and oil, and quickly feel the radiant effect!

In daily life, the sebaceous glands and sweat glands may occasionally become clogged, causing the skin cells to slow down and cause skin burden. Therefore, in addition to daily skin care, plus regular use of mask to replenish skin moisture, activate skin rejuvenation, smooth and soft skin in a short time.

Especially in the summer, the heat has damaged your facial skin. At this time, in the choice of mask, beauty experts suggest that consumers can choose the quick-drying mask on the market to calm and repair damaged cells. In addition to converging pores, when it encounters discomfort such as redness of the blood vessels, the feeling of coolness can soften the blood vessel wall to make the blood circulation normal, anti-irritation and soothing after the sun is red and swollen, making the skin become shiny and shiny.

In addition, when the mask is applied, the pores will open, and then the maintenance ingredients will absorb more when using the skin care products to achieve a better skin care effect. The maintenance of the mask is irrelevant. In addition to the most common deep cleansing, it is mainly based on the skin's needs and the required skin care effect, such as firming, whitening and other special purpose masks.

Biotherm Spring Water Revitalizing Mask

Biotherm's first wet-coated mask. 25 times trace elements improve skin's ability to build water and retain water for 10 minutes. Immediately improve skin roughness, dullness and restore perfect skin texture. Instantly cools the face and quickly resolves the skin's dryness, lack of water, tightness and redness. Instantly hydrates, soothes, smoothes and brightens skin tone The skin becomes fresh and smooth, and the natural suppleness instantly exudes a healthy and radiant glow. Experience the effects of skin immersion in the spa. The hot spring water element mask has a breakthrough 3D hydration system, which contains PETPTM mineral organic active factors and a variety of natural moisturizing factors. Not only can it fully moisturize the surface of the skin, the intercellular substance, but also moisturize the cells themselves. In just 10 minutes, the skin is deeply moisturized. High content of PETPTM mineral organic active factor, 25 times more than 7 kinds of trace elements of hot spring water element essence, so that the hot spring water element mask instantly promotes cell interstitial synthesis! The newly discovered Bicarbonate bicarbonate ion has the effect of promoting the double effect of active ingredients. Magical power. In 10 minutes, the skin is instantly firm and smooth, and the tiredness is refreshed. The skin tone is even and the skin is smooth and velvety like velvet... The essence of SOURCE THERAPIE Spa Water Mask is effective in promoting cell renewal and microcirculation inside the skin. After 10 minutes, the mask is unveiled, and the surprising effect appears: the skin tone is even and clear, and the skin is as smooth as velvety! After cleansing the facial skin, the mask is spread out and applied to the entire face for 10 minutes. Lightly massage the face and make the essence on your face absorb it more effectively. It is recommended to use once a week. It can be used as an urgent facial treatment when the skin is dry and dehydrated.

Clinique Moisturizing Mask

Clinique Moisturizing Mask is a facial skin care product that instantly hydrates and quenches the skin instantly. A comfortable cotton floor covering that covers all skin types. Full of water-containing essence, let the skin experience a refreshing and soothing experience. After use, it gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance, and effectively reduces dry and fine lines caused by lack of water, and strengthens the skin's natural moisturizing protective film. Refreshing and natural, no sticky after use.

From dawn to dusk, the Patio Umbrella blocks the sun's glare as it moves across the sky. Crafted from the finest, highest-performing materials, the umbrella goes up easily with a pull of the cord and is held aloft by a sturdy cast-aluminum hub and pin system, and ribs. The canopy is tailored of premium, solution-dyed acrylic chosen for its extreme resistance to fading, staining, mildew, and mold. Available with an octagonal or square canopy, the umbrella performs beautifully in commercial settings or at your private residence with different marble or water base, or others design base for your selection.


Patio Umbrella contain:

side post square or round patio umbrella

central pole round or square patio umbrella

Single layer or double roof patio umbrella

Aluminum hanging umbrella 

Patio Umbrella       Patio Umbrella

Patio Umbrella       Patio Umbrella

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Patio Umbrella

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