Rotary machine overprint failure analysis

1 The amount of fountain solution is too large

When the printing ink balance control does not have a fixed value, in order to prevent the water from being dirty, the amount of fountain solution is often increased, so that the paper absorbs water and expands, resulting in overprinting problems.

Remedy: First check the bucket brush, when both ends of the wear and tear should be replaced; Second, check the water roller pressure and flatness, as far as possible to maintain the water roller pressure is uniform, if the detection of the water roller bending deformation should be replaced immediately; Excluding the above two factors, the pH of the fountain solution can be adjusted to minimize the amount of water to achieve the best dampening effect.

2 too much paper force

Too much force in paper feeding will cause the printing dots to be unclear, and the paper strips will form longitudinal wrinkles, which will affect the accuracy of overprinting, print flatness, and cleanliness.

Remedy: When the machine is running steadily, the tape speed is constant, and the tension is stable, and the tension of the tape is stabilized at a given value. During the start-up or braking, prevent the paper tape from being overloaded and disconnected, and the new problem that occurs when the tension is too small and the paper roll unfolds freely. Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the continuous reduction of the size of the paper roll in printing. To keep the tension of the paper tape constant, it is necessary to adjust timely. The damping torque changes accordingly.

3 bending error

The multicolor rotary printer has the same size of the mouth and the trailing edge, the center of the printing center is in the middle, the accuracy of the curved version is not high, or the bending version of the printing plate is not allowed to cause its own version of "oblique" and cannot be adjusted on the machine. Overprinting is not allowed.

Remedy: First unload the plate, re-level it with a rubber hammer, re-align the center line, find the error, re-draw the line, and re-bend the plate; or take the same sheet to change the position on the job.

4 blanket thickness, tightness and lining thickness error

There will be some differences between the new and old blankets. When the new blanket transfers images and texts, the pressing pressure is high, and the ink is susceptible to being squeezed and expands outwards; the old blankets are easy to loosen, which can cause the dots to slide, resulting in unclear printed graphics. In addition, the difference in the thickness of the lining can also result in overprinting.

Exclusion method: on the basis of uniform lining, diligent in checking the tightness of the old blanket, when replacing the blanket, the thickness of the lining can be reduced, so that the thickness of the old and new blankets is unified.

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