Red lips goddess defeated the net classical fresh makeup wins

When Xu Ruoxuan attended the event a few days ago, he and Dong Jie collided with the shirt. Although the costumes were the same, the makeup and hairstyle of the two were very obvious. Although the goddess Xu Ruoxuan's big side points Liu Hai and Yan Hong Lip are the most popular beauty elements at present, but because she is not perfect match, she looks very old, lost the goddess style, completely lost to the classical hairpin + Dong Jie, who has a clear nude makeup. You want to see how you can show your own highlights? Then come and see, come learn.~~~

Red lips goddess defeated the net classical fresh makeup wins

Red-lipped goddess

Xu Ruoxuan's makeup, the first impression is old, and a little murderous feeling, completely without the glamorous image of the noble and elegant. Although Xu Ruoxuan's big side points are bangs and Yanhong's lips are the most popular styling elements at the moment, but because her base makeup is more dim, and the eye makeup part is more rigid, and the deliberately painted a little more red lips, then match The high forehead exposed, she has a stereotyped feeling, the goddess glory. Dong Jie, who is already a mother, chose a natural nude makeup. The makeup is clear, but there is a natural light. The lip makeup uses only a little nude lipstick. The eye makeup is only made of black eyeliner. Adding a deep sense of sensation, but not soft, and Dong Jie chose a classical hairpin that is loosely placed behind his head. The overall shape is very soft and soft, giving a fresh feeling and highlighting her charming and charming image. .

Red lips goddess defeated the net classical fresh makeup wins

The overall look of Xu Ruoxuan's makeup felt that she is now old and not good-looking. It is a failed makeup, completely obliterating the charming and elegant temperament before Xu Ruoxuan. Although she uses the most fashionable beauty elements such as bright red lips and large bangs, the most influential elements can't be applied to my face. I also want to create the makeup that suits me best according to the characteristics of my face and temperament. hairstyle. Don't want to make your makeup and haircuts less points for yourself. The following two small Tips should be remembered.

1. Lip color should be matched with nature

The so-called "Chengdu red lips, defeat also red lips", in social occasions, red lips can definitely make you the focus of attention, but once the occasion is not right, or with the clothes is not well matched, the reverse effect is also It will be very strong. The red lips have a very strong emphasis on personality, and the red lips must match the color of the clothing. Its exaggeration and clothing match, it will weaken and coordinate a lot. If you are wearing warm-colored clothes, such as red and yellow evening dresses, then draw a cherry red with gold-colored red lips, there will be overall coordination; if you wear black and gray and other cool-colored clothes Choose a reddish-brown lipstick for a better match.

2. The big side points Liu Hai to see the face type

Not everyone is suitable for the big side of the bangs, the large side of the bangs for round, oval, inverted triangle face type mm, if Xu Ruoxuan such a palm face, it is not suitable for the big side of the bangs. The large side of the bangs requires that the volume can not be too much or too little, the bangs are too thick, easy to give people the feeling of not being spirited and old-fashioned, Liu Hai is too sparse, it is not enough, and the length of the bangs is also carefully handled. .

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