Early spring skin care, three types of skin diseases

In the early spring, everything recovers, the seasons alternate, the weather changes obviously, and all kinds of allergens appear. For the skin, this is really a sad stage. Therefore, there are two key points in early spring skin care: one is to prevent skin from being over-stimulated and allergic or other diseases; the other is to keep the skin healthy and to withstand the dramatic changes in temperature and humidity.

Keep away from skin diseases

Keep away from skin diseases

In spring, there are three kinds of skin enemies: skin problems caused by viral diseases, allergies and itchy skin.

1. Itchy skin: winter continuation

Although the spring has arrived, it has experienced the challenge of a cold and dry climate throughout the winter. Some itching patients will not improve in the early spring, especially in the elderly. Because of the dysfunction of protective substances such as oil secretion from their skin, they are more likely to develop disease.

The outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum. If the stratum corneum is injured, its protective effect on the skin will be lost. The water inside the cells will easily evaporate and the skin will be drier. Therefore, even if the degree of itching is intensified, it will not be able to scratch, because scratching the skin will cause more damage to the skin. Bacteria easily enter the skin and cause skin inflammation and ulceration. Therefore, the best method is to use a towel soaked in cold water. To resolve itching.

To deal with itching in the spring, you should first choose a soft and loose cotton fabric to reduce the skin irritation. Do not scrub with a strong bath or soap every day. Bathing too hard will only increase the sebum and exacerbate the skin. When bathing, the water temperature should be between 24 ° C and 29 ° C. If the water temperature is too high, the capillary on the surface of the skin will expand, which will cause damage to the skin.

After bathing, you should always use moisturizing skin care products such as Vaseline to lock the surface moisture and relieve dry itching. In addition, you should eat less spicy food such as beef and mutton, onions and garlic, and drink less and smoke. If the degree of dry and itchy skin is still not relieved after adjusting, it is best to ask the doctor to prescribe the right medicine.

2. Viral disease: Beware of rubella and measles

Spring is a season in which children are easily attacked by rubella and measles. These diseases were originally infectious diseases, but some young parents may not be able to see the dermatology because of rashes and other reactions. For these diseases, parents should pay attention to isolation. If measles or rubella occur in a kindergarten or school, healthy children should be isolated from the sick as soon as possible.

3. Allergic skin: leaving the allergen

Spring is the season of climate conversion. Due to the sensitizing substances such as bacterial spores and pollen scattered in the air, some people with allergic skin will become red and swollen after exposure to pollen, certain foods, polluted air and other substances. Itching, peeling and allergic dermatitis and other abnormalities, because these problems to the dermatology clinic to treat patients are also many. To reduce allergies, you must leave the allergens. People with sensitive skin should be more careful when they are outdoors, so that they do not get pollen and other substances on their facial skin.

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