Analysis of the heating method of the ventilation type aging test box

Ventilation type aging box, also known as "air thermal aging test box", working principle: using new air oxidation products, suitable for heat resistance test of electrical insulation materials, ventilation aging test of electronic parts and plasticized products, To assess and judge its suitability for storage and use under high-temperature environmental conditions, the performance of the sample is measured after aging in air at simulated high temperature and atmospheric pressure and compared with the performance of the unaged sample. This product meets the requirements of JB / T7444 "Air Thermal Aging Test Chamber" and GB / T3512-2001 test standard.

The heating method of the ventilation type aging experiment box adopts far infrared nickel alloy high-speed heating electric wire; it has a high temperature and ventilation completely independent system; the temperature control output power is calculated by the microcomputer to achieve high precision and high efficiency power efficiency

Analysis of the heating method of the ventilation type aging test box

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