Also recommend 4 light-colored glazed tiles for your fresh and clean kitchen

Recommendation 1: Smick tiles VWH080NP (delicious kitchen)

Tile size: 250 * 330

Style: simple and stylish

Applicable space: kitchen

Reference price: 60.00 yuan / square meter

Suitable for the crowd: families who often cook.

Description: The entire kitchen is divided into bright blue and milky white. The blue cabinets make people feel beautiful. The white glazed tiles greatly ease this visual impact. The right waistline tiles also echo the blue of the cabinets. Make the whole kitchen bright and vivid.

Editor's comment: The kitchen wall is generally made of light and light-colored wall tiles. This Smic "delicious kitchen" glazed brick works the opposite way. The uneven texture properly forms the effect of shadows. It looks quite a bit from a distance. The effect of mosaic tiles. The teacups with tile and waistline are lovely and vivid, and the selected pictures are very lively.

Recommendation two: Smick tile VWK040YP (fragrant coffee)

Tile size: 300 * 450

Style: simple and stylish

Applicable space: kitchen

Reference price: 13.77 yuan / piece

Suitable for the crowd: petty bourgeois

Description: Light wood grain color, open design, this kitchen feels fashionable and unpretentious, elegant and elegant. The whole kitchen feels no longer just a place of cooking, but a work of art. But it is undeniable that this kitchen is more suitable for white-collar families who do not cook too much, otherwise cleaning is also a trouble!

Editor's comment: This Smick tile is named fragrant coffee, which is a little more petty bourgeois than the previous delicious chef. In the depths, it seems to smell a seemingly absent of coffee. Tiles have chosen coffee utensils as patterns, and the stripes on the coffee cups also echo the shading of the tiles.

Recommendation 3: Shenma Ceramic Tile SM45111 (Jade Lingbi)

Tile size: 300 * 450/300 * 300

Style: Chinese

Applicable space: kitchen

Reference price: 19.20 yuan / piece

Suitable for the crowd: low-key and restrained 30-40 year old women.

Description: Rubber pink is very popular in the fashion industry recently. This elegant color tone is very suitable for the skin tone of Orientals. But few people choose this color as the color of kitchen cabinets. Rubber powder is less childish than pink, so mature women can also try it. But what kind of tiles are used in the kitchen is a skill.

Editor's comment: This Shenma jade and spirit glazed tile, if it is just placed there, is really unremarkable. It is less clean than white and less flexible than color. This light beige tile perfectly echoes the elegant and slightly shy beauty of the rubber powder. The waved coffee cups on the waistline of the tiles are also appropriately embellished, giving the kitchen a more playful color.

Recommendation 4: Nengqiang NQB348048 (warm and elegant rhyme)

Tile size: 300 * 300

Style: pastoral

Applicable space: kitchen

Reference price: 4.00 yuan / piece

Suitable for the crowd: middle-aged families pursuing quality of life.

Description: Small and exquisite is my evaluation of this kitchen. Beige and white are common colors for modern and simple decoration, especially for small apartment cabinets with poor lighting. Housewives almost chose these two colors in the same way.

Editor's comment: Compared with the previous three models, the design of this tile can only be described with exquisite and meticulous details, whether it is blue and white porcelain on the waistline of the tile, the gauze beauty, or the fine check of the whole set of glazed tiles, it makes people Admire the superb craftsmanship of the craftsmen. The beauty dances in the wind as if it were alive. The texture of blue and white porcelain is delicate and the colors are vivid, which has a very Chinese atmosphere!

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