Seven commonly used maintenance methods for high and low temperature test chambers

The high and low temperature test chamber is a relatively expensive test equipment. During the use process, we must understand the scientific maintenance method, so as to make the high and low temperature test chamber effective for a long time. How to do it is a scientific maintenance method?

Seven commonly used maintenance methods for high and low temperature test chambers

The following is a professional high and low temperature test box manufacturer Dongguan Qinzhuo Environmental Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. to do the following analysis for everyone:

1. The condenser is cleaned once every 3 months: for compressors that are cooled by air cooling, the condenser fan should be regularly repaired and the condenser should be decontaminated and dedusted to ensure its good ventilation and heat exchange performance; for the compressor, water cooling is used In addition to ensuring the inlet water pressure and inlet water temperature, the corresponding flow must also be ensured. Regular cleaning and descaling of the inside of the condenser to obtain its continuous heat exchange performance.

2. High and low temperature test chambers are generally relatively high, we recommend placing them in a relatively benign temperature environment, our experience temperature value is 8 ℃ ~ 23 ℃, for laboratories that do not have this condition, must be equipped with appropriate air conditioners Or cooling tower.

3. Adhere to the professional management of special personnel, and qualified units should send special personnel to the supplier's factory for training and learning from time to time to obtain more professional maintenance and repair experience and capabilities.

4. Waterway and humidifier cleaning: If the waterway is not smooth and the humidifier is fouled, it may easily cause the humidifier to dry and burn, which may damage the humidifier, so the waterway and humidifier must be cleaned regularly.

5. Regular cleaning of the evaporator: Due to the different cleanliness of the test products, a lot of small particles such as dust will condense on the evaporator under the action of forced wind circulation, and it should be cleaned regularly.

6. The cleaning and balance of circulating fan blades and condenser fans: similar to the cleaning of evaporators, due to the different working conditions of the test chamber, many small particles such as dust will condensate on the circulating fan blades and condenser fans, and should be cleaned regularly.

7. Persist in setting the temperature near the ambient temperature after each test, cut off the power after working for about 30 minutes, and wipe the wall of the working room clean.

It can be said that frequent scientific and reasonable maintenance of high and low temperature test chambers can not only maximize the service life of high and low temperature test chambers, but also effectively avoid technical failures caused by lazy maintenance. Regarding the maintenance methods of high and low temperature test chambers, constant temperature and humidity test chambers and other equipment, our company will also attach relevant maintenance manuals for users to learn when they send the equipment to the customer to set the address.

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