JULABO-ACE temperature control reaction set

1. It can accommodate 6 reaction flasks to react at the same time, with temperature control and stirring functions. The whole system can explore the reaction route and optimize the parallel synthesis reaction. 2. Number of reaction flasks for simultaneous reaction: six 3. Capacity of reaction flask: 5-3000ml4; Temperature range of reactor: -30 to 200 ℃ 5; Temperature control stability: 0.02 ℃ 6, VFD HD large screen Display temperature, display resolution: 0.01 ℃ 7, stirring speed: 100-2000rpm8, maximum stirring viscosity: 2000cps9, compact design, the entire reaction system can be placed in a fume hood or safety cabinet 10, standard waterproof submerged magnetic drive stirring The device requires stainless steel material and the protection level is IP68. It can be directly immersed in water or oil and can operate normally for a long time. 11. It adopts electromagnetic induction stirring. Each reaction bottle has an independent electromagnetic coil to control stirring. 12. Programs can be set. Temperature control, can be set to six, each temperature control program of 60 temperature points 13, PID temperature control technology, over-temperature power supply cut-off and dry-burning protection function, over-temperature power supply cut-off and dry-burning protection function 14, bath liquid in bath Circulation, circulating pump flow 22-26L / min, combined use of suction pump and pressure pump, pump pressure 0.7bar, pump suction 0.4bar15, can directly open the refrigeration function from 200 ℃ refrigeration 16, compact design , Can be installed in a fume hood or safety cabinet 17, Standard reaction temperature control software, can be used to detect the reaction temperature change curve through the computer, setting procedures, etc. 18. With a reaction bottle holder, the reaction bottle can be fixed, and possible condensation tube Accessories 19, configuration: one compact heating refrigeration cycler; one waterproof submerged magnetic drive stirrer; one magnetic drive stirrer controller; one reaction bath; three 25ml reaction bottles; three 50ml reaction bottles ; 3 100ml reaction bottles; 1 set of reaction brackets; 6 magnetic stirrers; 1 set of CR circulation tubes (-20 to 120 ℃); 1 external PT100 temperature sensor; 1 set of temperature control software; 1 RS232 data line

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