The solid wood wardrobe is durable and good in quality.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] With the emphasis on the quality of home decoration, more and more families use solid wood wardrobes . The solid wood wardrobe is not only of good quality, durable, but also has a strong decorative effect on the interior. However, in order to make the solid wood wardrobe always radiant, we must pay attention to its maintenance in the usual life.

First, the maintenance of solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe maintenance

Solid wood wardrobe maintenance

1. Dust removal: Always remove dust, because dust will rub the surface of the solid wood wardrobe every day. It is best to use a clean soft cotton cloth, such as an old white T-shirt or baby cotton. Remember not to wipe your wardrobe with a sponge or tableware. When dusting, please use cotton cloth that is wrung out after wetting, because the wet cotton cloth can reduce the friction and avoid scratching the wardrobe. It also helps to reduce the adsorption of dust by static electricity, which is good for removing dust on the surface of the wardrobe. However, water vapor should be avoided on the surface of the wardrobe. It is recommended to wipe it again with a dry cotton cloth.

2, cleaning: In order to remove the surface of the wardrobe from the airborne pollutants, cooking fumes, smudges during operation and traces caused by glazing, it is recommended to use a dedicated wardrobe cleaner. This solvent can also help remove excess wax. They were rubbed together and did not cause any other adverse reactions.

3, waxing: In addition to frequent dust removal, the surface of the wooden wardrobe sometimes has to be waxed for further maintenance to increase the aesthetic appearance. We recommend regular maintenance of the wardrobe using a special pure wood wardrobe glazing wax. In addition, do not choose those silicone-containing polishes, because silicone will not only soften the coating, but also block the pores of the wood, making it difficult to repair. Although waxing is not harmful to the coating, we recommend that you only polish one or two times a year. Excessive waxing can also damage the appearance of the coating.

Second, the scratch and corner of the solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe

Solid wood wardrobe maintenance

1. Slight scratch: If the paint on the closet is scratched and the wood is not touched, you can apply it on the wound surface of the closet with the same color or color as the wardrobe to cover the exposed ground color, then apply it with a thin transparent nail polish. You can go up one level.

2, the scratch line is very obvious: use the wood product fill color pen to fill the thin line of the scratch, and then spray the wooden floor moisture protection light essential oil to wipe it.

3, the corner of the wardrobe or the depression: the wooden wardrobe has a corner or a recess , you can also use the soil to repair. Fill the fill soil into the corners or depressions, dry it with sandpaper, and then use the wax of similar color to make up the color. After drying, apply the protective paint. In addition, the depressions or cracks in the wall can also be repaired with the soil, the method is the same as the repairing wood gap.

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