Waterproof test box application and restrictions

The waterproof test chamber is suitable for evaluating equipment that may be exposed to rain, water spray or dripping during storage, transportation/work:

a) If the equipment is installed in the same state, a more severe impregnation (leakage) test is usually considered to determine if water can penetrate the equipment. If the equipment has previously passed the immersion test and the installation status has not changed, the equipment is usually not required to withstand the rain test. However, there is also a problem that is displayed when the rain test is not observed due to the pressure difference in the immersion test.

b) If the equipment is likely to have a large amount of water on the surface, it may be more appropriate to use an impregnation test. In most cases, both tests should be performed if they are considered to be suitable within the life profile.

3.3 Limitations

Waterproof test chamber test:

a) does not include the rain test procedure;

b) does not apply to the assessment of the adaptability of the aircraft windshield rain removal device;

c) does not apply to the evaluation of pressure washers or purification devices;

d) Insufficient to determine the effects of long-term rain or to evaluate the effect of a small amount of condensed drip (less than 140 L/m2/h) on the upper surface of the equipment.


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