[Overseas events] WINGS FOR LIFE WORLD RUN May 3 global start

For outdoor enthusiasts who love running, marathon and endurance are believed to be indispensable, but is it boring to run your interest? In addition to running itself, what else is attracting you to cross-country events?
WINGS FOR LIFE WORLD RUN will run on May 3 for 15 years. This epic running event will start at the same time in 35 cities and regions around the world. area? These are just minor problems. The game will start at 11:00 am UTC time (Coordinated Universal Time), approximately equal to 19:00 Beijing time. The 35 venues around the world will start at the same time. After 30 minutes of the race, the referee will be launched in the field. These referees will slowly accelerate. In the first hour, they will chase after 15km/h. And then every hour after that will accelerate, until all the "Shopmasters" referee cars in 35 divisions exceed all the contestants, the game officially ended. How far can you run? It depends on how long you can stay without being overtaken by the referee. Once you are overtaken, your game is over.

The 35 venues for the 15-year competition are determined by a 14-year world championship, and all registration fees for the event will be used for non-profit organizations dealing with spinal injuries.

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Equipped with cool news articles

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