Soft track construction methods and color types for plastic track and field venues

How to construct the soft runway in practice?

Track and field activities and training, sometimes need to run on special soft runways, such as striding, double jump, etc., sometimes, after injury, athletes do light action, also need to practice on the soft track.


The soft runway is located at the perimeter of the stadium or in the room. The common thickness is between 5 and 6cm.

There are many construction methods for soft runways. One is to thicken the thickness of plastic to achieve a soft purpose. This kind of runway has a high cost. The other type is compound type, which is processed by the factory into a hollow plastic plate, hollow type and single side empty type, plate thickness 4crn, transported to the construction site, bonded on the asphalt concrete layer, between the plate and the plate, Bonding, and finally laying a layer of plastic on the surface, so as to function as a soft runway, to achieve training results.

What are the colors of plastic track and field venues?

The color of plastic track and field venues is not clearly stipulated, but darker colors are better for competition venues, because the track line, starting line, and finish line of track races are all required to be white, so that when the venue of the competition is deep, the contrast is large. The effect is good. Non-game items, preferably light, such as green. In recent years, there has also been a deep-colored track venue, such as soy sauce, to distinguish the runway areas such as long jumps and pole vaults from surrounding non-race events.

The IAAF's requirement for color is that the same color requirements remain uniform. Within the same color, there must be no shades of color or similar colors to the runway line, and when the color of the site is seriously faded, it should be refurbished.

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