How to define and classify the ink industry

Definition of ink: It is an important material for printing. It expresses patterns and characters on the substrate through printing. The ink includes main components and auxiliary components, which are evenly mixed and repeatedly rolled to form a viscous colloidal fluid. It is composed of connecting materials (resin), pigments, fillers, additives and solvents. It is used for various printing of books and periodicals, packaging and decoration, architectural decoration and electronic circuit boards. With the increase in social demand, the variety and output of inks have also expanded and increased accordingly.


Plate type classification

Ink classification. Modern inks are mainly divided into four categories according to the type:

1. Letterpress ink. A type of ink for printing books, newspapers, picture books, documents, account books, etc. in relief printing. The main feature of letterpress printing is that the inked part of the printing plate protrudes from the non-inked part. Relief inks are divided into lead inks, copperplate inks, letterpress rotary inks, and flexible letterpress inks according to the type of printing machine and the use of printed products.

2. Lithographic ink. A type of ink suitable for lithography. The parts of the layout of the lithographic printing are basically in a plane. The pattern is oleophilic and the non-pattern is hydrophilic. The printing principle is based on the principle of oil-water repellence. According to the process, it is divided into offset printing ink, web offset printing ink, flat offset printing ink, anhydrous offset printing ink, iron printing ink, lithographic printing ink, and Kellogg's printing ink.

Gravure ink 3. gravure ink. A type of ink suitable for gravure printing. When printing, the ink is recessed in the pattern part of the plate, and the non-pattern part of the ink is wiped off or scraped off, and then the printing is performed. There are engraved gravure ink and photos

4. Mesh ink. A type of ink that is printed on the printing surface through the mesh of the printing plate. Screen printing ink is divided into transcription ink and screen printing ink.

According to the solvent classification:

The ink has different properties depending on the binder used. There are mainly resin ink, solvent ink, water-based ink and UV curing ink. The use of organic solvents as ink binders will have a negative impact on the environment. In order to make the ink meet the environmental protection requirements, it is necessary to use environmentally friendly materials as the connecting material of the ink. Environmental protection inks mainly include water-based inks, UV inks, water-based UV inks and some alcohol-soluble inks.

1. Water-based ink. The biggest difference between water-based inks and solvent-based inks is that the solvent used is water instead of organic solvents, which significantly reduces VOC emissions, can prevent atmospheric pollution, does not affect human health, is not easy to burn, stable ink, bright colors, no corrosion Plate material, simple operation, cheap price, good adhesion after printing, strong water resistance, fast drying, so it is especially suitable for packaging printing products such as food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, etc. It is the world's recognized environmentally friendly printing material and the only printing ink in all Ink approved by the American Food and Drug Association.

2. UV curing ink. Ultraviolet light curing (UV) ink refers to the use of ultraviolet light with different wavelengths and energies to form ink and dry ink under ultraviolet irradiation. Using different ultraviolet spectra, different energy can be generated to polymerize monomers in different ink binders into polymers, so the color film of UV ink has good mechanical and chemical properties. The main advantages of UV inks are: (1) no solvent; (2) fast drying speed and low energy consumption; (3) good gloss and bright colors; (4) water resistance, solvent resistance and good wear resistance. The photoinitiator in UV ink is a compound that is susceptible to light excitation. After absorbing the light, it is excited into free radicals, and the energy is transferred to the photosensitive molecules or photocrosslinking agent, so that the UV ink undergoes photocuring reaction. UV ink has become a more mature ink technology, and its pollutant emissions are almost zero. In addition to being solvent-free, UV inks have the advantages of being difficult to paste, clear dots, bright and bright ink colors, excellent chemical resistance, and low consumption.

3. Water-based UV ink. Water-based UV ink is a new research direction in the field of UV ink. The viscosity of the prepolymer in ordinary UV ink is generally very large, and it needs to be diluted with an active diluent. The diluent acrylic compounds used have varying degrees of skin irritation and toxicity. Therefore, while developing low viscosity prepolymers and low toxicity active diluents, another development direction is to study water-based UV inks, that is, water and Ethanol, etc. are used as diluents. Water-based UV ink has been successfully developed and applied in some printing.

In addition, the alcohol-soluble ink, which mainly plays a role in flexo printing, is also a kind of ink with little pollution. It is mainly used in food, medicine, beverages, tobacco and alcohol, and packaging and printing of daily necessities in contact with the human body.

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