Reformation of steel bar pressure welding process

The connecting steel bars are clamped to the fixed pipe clamps and movable pipe clamps of the clamp, respectively, so that there is a gap of about 8 mm at the ends of the two joints. Adjust the movable pipe clamp so that the two steel bars are coaxial.

Flame, first heat the gap between the two steel bars, so that the end surface of the steel bar is slightly melted. After the rust grease and cement slurry are shed, the initial pressure is given to the fixture to make the end surface of the steel bar contact, the pressure is about 5, medium centimeter The welding seam is the center, and the swinging heater increases gradually from small to large, and the maximum is about twice the diameter of the steel bar. 3 When the heating part reaches the required temperature, it is slightly baked, about 13001350 Wei Wei stalks, oil reverse pi latitude injury, 蟮 纳 蛘 托托 保, 1. Heating and pressurizing. After cooling slightly, release the pressure and remove the clamp. For the pressure of steel bar pneumatic welding, please refer to 1.

The diameter of the steel bar pressure welding pressure millimeters of cattle centimeters 2 originally contained the results of construction workers in 1987. The decoration of heating pipes and radiators should pay attention to the requirements of convenient maintenance and heat transfer. If the pipeline valve is to be provided with an inspection port.

The radiator cover should adopt a claw movable cover, and the front of the plate radiator cannot be covered to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect.

Before the interior decoration, you should understand the location and direction of the darkly laid electrical pipelines to prevent electric shock and fire due to damage to the line when grooving holes on the walls and floors. When adding electrical wiring, pay attention not to exceed its allowable load, and pay attention to the protection measures, especially the new lines in the ceiling. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle and modify the gas pipeline without permission when the outlet is added according to the original decoration of grounding on the left, zero and right, and pay attention that the horizontal distance between the electrical pipeline and other equipment pipelines and the gas pipeline is not less than 10 cm. The clear distance between the intersection of the electric wire and the gas pipeline is not less than 5 knots. The distance between the electrical switches and connectors of the gas pipeline 4 is 15 cm. For replacement of gas appliances such as stoves or water heaters, approval by the gas management department is required.

When decorating, the floor drain and sanitary appliance drain should be closed in time. Do not flush shoveled wall mortar and other debris into the sewage pipe, so as not to cause blockage of the stern road, make the sewage overflow from the floor of the stratified household or the urinal, and avoid large pieces of debris stuck in the garbage road when transported The blockage will affect him to use reasonable arrangements for decoration, and try not to affect the normal rest of other residents. Pay attention to the timely removal and transportation of garbage generated during decoration.

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